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When you need a residential or commercial skylight repaired or replaced, Regency Contractors gets the job done.  We carry a complete line of skylights and we only use the best of materials to provide you with quality workmanship.

Skylights can perform well for many years, letting in light and keeping water out. However, damage or an improper installation can rob your windows to the sky of all their charm. The professional takes the time to address the juncture of the roof and curb (the frame above the roof line upon which the dome assembly sits) with its flashing system, as well as the dome’s attachment to the frame. An amateur installation can allow water flow on the roof to enter from the curb flashing then your attic and, eventually, your ceiling. Also, if you replace a skylight on a curb built for a specific skylight brand, the new unit may not fit quite the same and may allow for noisy drafts you never had before.

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